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1. One Piece: The Movie (ワンピース Wanpīsu, 2000) - The crew comes across an island that is said to be the location of an amazing collection of gold, but they are not the only ones after it.


2. Clockwork Island Adventure (ねじまき島の冒険 Nejimaki-Shima no Bōken, 2001) - When their ship is stolen, the Straw Hats come across a thief duo that claims it was stolen by the Trump Pirates, who have taken over Clockwork Island. To make things even worse, the Trump Pirates kidnap Nami so she can marry their leader. The Straw Hats have to stop them before it's too late.

* Featurette: Jango's Dance Carnival (ジャンゴのダンスカーニバル Jango no Dansu Kānibaru) - Jango hypnotizes an entire island, including the Straw Hats, into dancing so he may escape the Marines.


3. Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (珍獣島のチョッパー王国 Chinjū-jima no Choppā-Ōkoku, 2002) - The crew searches for the "Crowning Treasure", but as they approach the island it is said to be on, they are sent into the air, separating Chopper from the group. On the island, the animals declare Chopper their king. However, there are people besides the Straw Hats looking for the Crowning Treasure.

* Featurette: Dream Soccer King! (夢のサッカー王! Yume no Sakkā-Ō!) - The Straw Hat men challenge their foes to a game of soccer.


4. Dead End Adventure (デッドエンドの冒険 Deddo Endo no Bōken, 2003) - In order to gain money, the crew enters a pirate race called the Dead End Race.


5. Curse of the Sacred Sword (呪われた聖剣 Norowareta Seiken, 2004) - An old friend of Zoro's is possessed by an evil sword, and due to a favor Zoro owes him, he joins his side. The Straw Hats will have to find a way to seal the sword before its true power is unleashed.

* Featurette: Take Aim! The Pirate Baseball King (めざせ! 海賊野球王 Mezase! Kaizoku Yakyū-Ō) - The Straw Hats face the Arlong Pirates in a game of baseball, with Buggy and Mr. 2 Bon Kurei as announcers.


6. Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (オマツリ男爵と秘密の島 Omatsuri Danshaku to Himitsu no Shima, 2005) - The crew lands at a resort owned by Baron Omatsuri, who challenges them to a series of games. However, there is more to Omatsuri and his friends than meets the eye.


7. The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle (カラクリ城のメカ巨兵 Karakuri-Jō no Meka Kyohei, 2006) - The crew searches for the treasure known as the Golden Crown on Mecha Island, a technologically advanced island filled with amazing machines, which is ruled by a man named Ratchet.


8. One Piece: Episode of Alabaster - Not much is known expcept it'll take place in Albasta arc with a different storyline and same characters - Due out March 3,2007 in Japan

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