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Jag upptäckte denna fantastiska artist för drygt 2 veckor sedan.




"Psilodump is the stage name of Simon Rahm (born December 15, 1980, Stockholm, Sweden), a Swedish electronic music artist. He is brother of the chiptune music artist Paza Rahm, whose rise was marked by two remixes he did for artist Beck.


Before he began making his own Protracker MODs on the shiny old Amiga 500 (with 512k extra memory) he shared with Paza in 1991, Psilodump made many strange tapes on his double-deck tape-recorder by cutting together short clips of music and speech. After a few years of tracking, he moved on to an Amiga 1200/030/50Hz and OctaMED, connecting synths through a MIDI-Interface and flashy stuff like that. In 1996, Psilodump, together with Paza and D.Falk, started doing gabber-live-acts with their Amigas. In 1999 though, he went over to the darkside of PC computers and continued massproducing his tunes from there. In 2000 Psilodump joined the Micromusic.net internet community and made himself a name as Psilodumputer. He got featured on the first micromusic offline release, a compilation called "Micro_Superstarz 2000", featuring RePHLeX-stars Cylob, Lektrogirl and Drx (from german atari band Bodenständig 2000), as well as other talents from all over the world. In 2001 Micromusic and Domizil Records released Psilodump(uter)'s first 12" called "Full of SID EP". The same year Psilodump signed to swedish breakbeat-label, Sound of Habib. In 2002-2003 Psilodump released on labels like Q-Records, Kahvi Collective and Sound of Habib. In 2003, Psilodump started a music collective, called The X-Dump, which he wishes to turn into a real label one day. His music is always changing, and he is not only changing genres and styles, but also blending them and flirting with both underground and mainstream sound, refusing to change his name for the various projects, making it quite hard to keep track of what is going on and what he will do next. Most people find this confusing, others just simply love it."


Tycker att musiken är enormt bra, bland de bästa electro/8bit/chiptunes musik jag någonsin hört.

Ville bara rekommendera denne mannen starkt!


Kanske något för 8-bit älskare? :]

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