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Några sidor bakåt i figurköpstråden skrev jag att jag fick min figur av Yagyuu Jubei som jag hade beställt från ToysLogic (bara för att de var dem enda som inte hade den fullbokad). Fast återigen, precis som alla andra gånger på ToysLogic, så blev releasedatumet uppskjutet flera gånger. Ca tre månader efter alla andra fick jag min figur levererad. Jag hade då en annan innestående order på en figur ur samma serie (Hyakka Ryoran-serien) hos ToysLogic. Men jag hade fått nog av deras förseningar och bestämde mig för att avboka denna.

Efter att ha kollat på deras sida om order och betalningar så läste jag detta:

You can cancel a pre-order item as long as it is not released in Japan.

Det står inget om undantag eller att de reserverar sig för vissa artiklar som kan ha andra regler. För på artikeln står det:

No refund, No Cancellation for this item. 50% non-refundable deposit may be required.

Detta går ju inte ihop, och kunden har alltid rätt, så jag skickade ett mail till dem och fick senare svar. Jag citerar hela mailkonversationen nedan:



I wish to cancel this preorder: 23490

Hi Sascha,


Thank you for your email. Per the listing comments, you cannot cancel this item.

http://www.toyslogic.com/index.php?main ... cts_type=1





Jag svarade först en gång men blev ignorerad, varpå jag skrev:



Now I don't know what happened to my mail I sent in reply yesterday, but here it is again:


"I refuse to accept this fact. It is stated on your site that: " You can

cancel a pre-order item as long as it is not released in Japan."

If there is an order that cannot be canceled there should be a text saying

that exceptions can be made from this.


The reason I'm canceling this order is because I'm tired of having to wait

2-3 extra months after the initial release date. I don't know how your

logistic workflow looks like, but that's not something acceptable from where

I come from. I don't care if you blacklist me on your site, because I won't

make any more purchases. We're already a large group of dissaitisfied people

here in the swedish anime community, and most of them already stated before

me that they're not making any more purchases from you.


I'm sure we can reach an agreement on this."


I know that you cannot force a person to make a purchase. I have always the right to cancel an order, or even send it back if I regret my purchase and get a full refund.

My payment information on this order is also from a credit card that isn't valid due to a credit card fraud, so you cannot get any money for this order unless I agree to make a new payment.

Hi Sascha,


Thank you for your email. You can cancel on figure listings that does not have the no cancellation note on it.


There are certain items that are special and hard to get, we have to make sure that the customer is serious about it when they place the order because we have to jump through hoops to provide it on our website. We are a shop that strive to provide products that cannot be purchased elsewhere easily and we put in a lot of effort to get them. As a collector/customer you should abide by our company policy. Your ordered this item back in August, we have accepted your order on a good faith that you will keep your order. Now the item is released you want to cancel. if you did not order it to begin with, it would of been available for others who are serious to pre-order the item and then I would not have to stock this product.


Did you know that the maker just released this item January 15th? My supplier just notify me that the will get it soon? In this business, delays happen all the time. So if you are not happy about waiting, I think you will have to complain to the maker, I don't believe you can purchase this item two or three months ago. As you stated below, if you do not want to pay because your card is declined, I guess you can do that. But I just want you to understand what goes behind the scene and this item cannot be cancel for a certain reason.





NU! Nu när de förstår att jag inte kommer betala så ändras deras attityd till något som börjar likna den för en leverantörs gentemot en privatperson. Men vänta.. Company Policy? Det är ju inget man har gentemot en kund, utan det är själva affärsidén som gör ett företag till det det är. De vill inte erkänna att jag som kund har rätt att häva ett köp, så jag fortsätter:



I can understand your company policy. But the company policy is one thing, and the customer policy and refund policy is another thing. And mixing these without balancing out the others will in the end result in customer dissatisfaction.


Now, back when I ordered this item I wasn't thinking of canceling it. But you have to understand that when delays become more of a rule than an exception, one starts to have second thoughts. My first order on ToysLogic was about 1,5 months late from the initial release date, and that made me reconsider to continue buying from your site. But after about a year I tried ordering again. Yet this time the same thing happened again and the item was delayed from August 2008 to November 2008. People that ordered it from other sites got it in August while I had to wait three months. That made me more or less stop purchasing from your site. But again I thought I would give it another shot.

But even this time the item was delayed from November 2009 to early January 2009 (again, internet buddies that ordered this item from i.e Hobby Search got it in November).

From the couple of courses I've had in logistics and supply chain management I know that in logstics, the key is to have as accurate estimates as possible. If you had written on these items that the initial estimate was i.e November 1st it would have made a less impact on me when it reached me in mid November.


And to add another thing. When I started collecting figures about 2-3 years ago, your site was one of the first ones I found and your broad sortiment made me really interested. But it was after my first order (delayed order that is) that I started to look around and see if there are any better sites on the net. I first found HLJ, and then Hobby Search. Now the majority of my figures is from the latter. What I'm trying to say that if I would have gotten my figures around the release date instead of several months later I wouldn't have started searching for other sites, and even if I would find these sites I would think of it as too much hassle to leave the site I already found and start ordering from another site.


The reason I'm writing this response is that, even if I am dissatisfied, I still believe that improvements can be made. In my line of work we act as consultants who, by working in large projects, analyze and map a company's processes and try to find the areas that needs improvement (and also proceed to help making these improvements possible). I really believe that you can further improve your service quality, and hopefully minimize the non-returning customer count. Sadly there are many in my aquaintance, both real friends and people I chat with on the net that have grown tired of Toyslogic's service. Some might return one day, and hopefully they will then get a service that makes them a satisfied returning customer.


I wish you a pleasant weekend



Hi Sascha,


Thank you for your time and your feedback is much appreciated. I really applicate the time you spend on the email below as I think beside expressing your dissatisfaction with our service, you are giving us valuable feedback to give us a chance to improve. Other customers would just leave without tell me anything.


The two sites that you mentioned below are Japanese, they will always be the first to market. We are at a disadvantage here since we are overseas. When it comes to timing, there are so much more things that happen in the middle that will affect the outcome. I will spare you the details... As you already know, with bad timing I get upset customers. Trust me when I tell you that we are trying our best to get the things in asap. Because you already realize that we are competing with local Japanese retails located overseas.


So, all we can tell you is that we are trying our best to provide these awesome figures to our fellow Americans. There are factors that are outside of our control. Everyday we are trying to find ways and new sources to improve our service and offering. From your feedback, we might be seen as a poor service retailers but we are definitely passionate about what we do and give our best shot to our customers. Even though you have decide to take your business elsewhere, I totally understand, but from our communications back and forth, I hope you get a glimpse of what we are doing for our customers.


Hopefully, you will not totally eliminate us as one of your source when it comes to collecting figures. At this time, I will accept your cancellation without fees. Enjoy your figure collecting, its an exciting hobby...:)





Ojdå, hoppsan. Nu fick jag dem att inte bara häva mitt köp, utan att förstå att jag som en i kundmassan är A och O för deras verksamhet. Det verkar tydligen också vara vanligt att de har kunder som bara tvärt slutar beställa (gee, I wonder why?). Jag verkar tydligen också vara välkommen att beställa figurer från dem i framtiden.


Någon vecka senare fick jag då:

Hi Sascha,


Thank you for your email. this is to let you know that per your request, the item is deleted from your account.





Kind of burn'd.



Jag tänkte dela med mig av denna mailkonversation bara för att upplysa andra om hur ToysLogic är. De försöker vara seriösa, men av säkert många anledningar så lyckas de bara inte leverera, och deras attityd mot kunder som inte är nöjda är inte den bästa.

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Intressant läsning Flaskis.

Jag var en gång en trogen kund hos dom, men dom har blivit rejält mycket sämre. Jag förstår att dom får figurer senare eftersom dom är i USA, men dom verkar inte ha någon koll på hur och vilka figurer dom kommer att få in och hur många dom kan få tag i. Jag har haft visst tålamod i början, men nu är jag bara less på att köpa från dom.

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Mycket bortförklaringar, men faktum kvarstår att TL behandlar sina kunder som smuts. Din E-postkonversation bevisar detta. Entusiastiska figursamlare spenderar mycket pengar på sin hobby, och man tycker att man som stamkund borde värderas högt och kunna förvänta sig ett bra bemötande när man kontaktar deras kundservice.


jag kan förstå om de prioriteras ner av leverantörerna eftersom de agerar utanför Japan, men det är ingen ursäkt för att behandla sina kunder som de gör. hade de agerat i Sverige så hade de brutit mot konsumentköplagen på många punkter.


Jag uppmanar alla att inte handla hos Toyslogic även om de är lite billigare eller den enda butiken med en vara i lager (gå inte i samma fälla som i sista exemplet nedan). Om ni ändå måste handla där, betala inte i förväg eller lämna era kontokortsuppgifter innan ni får bekräftat att varan finns i lager och är redo att skickas till er.


Situation: Butiken vet inte exakt hur många exemplar av en figur de kommer att få på releasedagen.

En seriös butik: Stoppar pre-orders tills de har fått bekräftat från leverantören att de kan fylla fler pre-orders.

TL: Fortsätter tar in fler pre-orders i all oändlighet.


Situation: Du har förbeställt en vara som har slutat tillverkas.

En seriös butik: Avbryter din beställning.

TL: Flyttar fram release-datumet en månad i taget tills det eventuellt, kanske, om vi har tur tillverkas fler exemplar i framtiden. Vill du avbryta ordern så antingen nekas du, eller får betala en avgift för det.


Situation: Du har förbeställt en vara som kommer släppas om en månad, men ångrar dig och vill avbeställa

En seriös butik: Avbryter din order utan snack om saken.

TL: Nekar dig, eller kräver en avgift för avbeställningen.


Situation: Du beställer en vara som anges finnas i lager. Ett par dagar senare visar det sig att varan inte alls finns i lager, och kommer i lager om två månader. Du vill avbryta din order.

En seriös butik: Avbryter din order utan snack om saken.

TL: Nekar dig, eller kräver en avgift för avbeställningen.

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Ja, ni har båda samma erfarenheter som mig. Jag blev "lurad" nu sist bara för att de hade en artikel tillgänglig för bokning som andra butiker redan hade det fullbokat. Turligt nog fick jag ändå artikeln med "bara" tre månaders väntetid.


Nej aldrig mer ToysLogic. Jag hoppas för andras skull att de skärper sig så att fler inte behöver stå ut med deras "service" som jag och flera andra gjort.

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