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Sands-of-War 1.5 Release!


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The best version ever of Sands-of-War is now avaible for download!


Head over to the download section now or DOWNLOAD HERE:



The SoW 1.5 patch is only for thoose who already has SoW 1.4. Thoose who don't have any version of SoW should download SoW 1.5 full.


Plenty of promotional pictures can be found at our ModDB gallery:



Please spread the word to as many as possible! Mail news sites and tell your friends:)


We are in need of servers - especially dedicated. Please open a server if possible if you got the connection for it. A linux build can also be found in the download section.


As you can see in the changelog below there is quite a bunch of new features in SoW 1.5. There are more maps, more weapons, more equipment - just more of everything:)








- New map: sow_Beirut

- New map: sow_Fort

- Updated map: sow_Entombed for better connectivity, more shadows, more vegetation,

more varied vegetation, more signs, better textures and a bridge opening up a new

route in the water temple

- Updated map: sow_Nbz, detail textures

- Updated map: sow_Riyaq

- Updated map: sow_Khefren for improved visuals, more detail and a brand new route

from the basement to the main building

- Updated map: sow_Kantzuo for better performance

- New menu music

- Added Ak47

- Added F2000

- Added radar

- Added infrared

- Added flashbang

- Added SSPE(Sand Storm Particle Engine)

- Added basic XP/levelling system

- Mission description for sow_Khefren

- Updated mission descriptions for sow_Entombed, sow_Hangar, sow_Nbz, sow_Close and sow_Riyaq

- New zooming system and M4 can now zoom

- Updated the class specifications


Bug fixes:


- Added correct models for sow_khefren(less sandbags:P)

- Players can now only see the location of teammates

- Fixed a bug in the map vote system

- Fixed a model path problem for sow_close

- Fixed clipping problems for some weapons

- Fixed NVG



The counters still don't work work, we are aware of that and working on it.



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hehe gör så :)

men som du ser på sow.moddb.com så har vi hittat ett par väldigt otrevliga buggar :surprised: animationerna är helt fel, vi har nya playermodels och det verkar som att dom inte fungerar med våra gamla animationer, men men, vi jobbar på det ! 1.5.1 kommer snart :)

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