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Miyavi till Sverige 24/9


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Miyavi gick igår ut med att han har lagt till en spelning i Sverige den 24 september!


I felt so so sad when the show in Sweden which was suppose to be held last month has canceled all of a sudden.


I heard the sad reactions from swedish fans even though the cause of the cancelation was unavoidable…

so i’ve been asking the orgnizer to add an extra show


So now, i confirmed with everyone to announce abt adding a show in Sweden.


Hopefully u guys r happy.


But, there is still something tough.


If we try to add the extra show in sweden during this tour,

we cant avoid having 6 CONSECUTIVE shows through several countries.


Its totally the very first experience for me,

and im kinda anxious abt it because it’ll strain my throat…


So gimme ur power and get me pumped up by ur voices at the shows.

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