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all from sweden?


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well this is a swedish page but i just wanted to ask if there is someone here that is not from sweden?

I have a swedish friend and he told me aboute this page, i find it really interesting to talk with people from other countrys aboute manga, anime, music and games. ;)

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Hi there and welcome to anime.se..


Well, I think it's kind of hard hanging around here if you're not somewhat fluent in the swedish language. I think you're the only non-swede on this forum, currently..


It's not hard to find swedes on the net, we're everywhere ;)

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well its shure not right place to go and search "non swedish" on a swedish forum -.-

but like Cyber Sphere Said try to talk English to some guys and they shure will answer back on english (how the h*ck would they do else?) anyway welcome to Anime.se/Forum ;)

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well thanks CyberSphere, Jocke and Dottis that you did answer my question. ;) but i believe there must be some other people that are not from Sweden here. :D because iam here so...


is there much manga and anime trade fairs in Sweden?

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Well we all need to practice our English. Don't know if you'd call convents with around 500 people large where you're from :). We don't have too many 100+ convents centered around anime, you'll often see anime fans at roleplaying convents so there are a couple of inoffical anime cons so to say ;)

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well, i guess this would be pretty good if someone did, so i'll do it. i'm gonna list all of the diffrent forums sections into english for you.


Nyheter - News (Admins tell us news here, in swedish ;) )

Allmänt - general (speak about anything between heaven and hell)

Frågor/Förslag/buggar - Questions/suggestions/bugs (as title says)

Regler - Rules (in here the rules are posted, and i dont think you can post anything here, ill translate the rules in another reply in this thread later.)



Manga - duh? (i figure you know this already)

Anime - duh? (i figure you know this already)

Upphovsmakare - Authors (any author you like/dislike? tell us who and why)

Merchandice - Merchandice ( well.. dunno what this is used for myself, but uhm.. post a link to a good site with merchandice maybe?)



Tv- och datorspel - Tv- And computer games ( any game related stuff is posted here)

musik - music (same as Moves section, but with music)

japansk kultur - japanese culture (speak about japanese culture)

japanska språket - japanese language (speak about the japanese language)

övrig japansk film - other japanese movie (wanna recommend any japanese movies? do it here)



Konstplanket - art section (for your own art that is)

cosplay - cosplay (tell everyone what you think of cosplay or show us when you cosplay)

Föreningar/Konvent och evenemang - associations and events (wont be used by you, since its swedish events we are talking about in here, but you can post if you like)



Lekparken - Playground (just for wasting time, make a totally useless topic here if you ever gonna make one)

Pryltorget - Market (sell/buy anything u want here, not that i think you will, but anyway)

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a) Follow the rules listed below, if you dont an Administrator will send you a PM and give you a warning. after 3 warnings you will be suspended for two weeks, if you, under the suspension create a new account, you will be banned for ever and blocked by IP.


If any of the administrators abuse their powers, dont say it in a thread or contribution to a thread. instead send a PM to Thomas Dahlin, Daniel Freij or Anji Kishu.


;) Show respect

treat your friends and foes with respect. its a matter of course that you can state your own oppinion, But personalattacks, hate towards a race, or provokes or attacks IS NOT tolerated and may lead to a Ban.


c) Watch your tongue

Keep your contributions clean from curses, write with clean swedish (in your case english) so that people can understand you.



keep the forums clean from advertising.


e) Dont feed the troll

people that writes a contribution in a thread just to provoke or just to "fu*k" with people, is usually called "troll". the only way to get rid of the is to simply ignore their existance. if you see any of this happening, we suggest you to contact an admin/moderator.


f) Filesharing sites, illegal selling of licensed stuff, scans of manga or disccusions about fansubs is not tolerated


Do not post stuff linked to either of the things listed above. dont even talk about it and you wont get in trouble.


2. Before you start a new thread


a) Search first.

B) each thread has its place, so use the correct section.

c) use a sensible title.

d) dont double post


3. Before you answer in a thread


a) Read the thread to see where its gone of too so you know what they are talking about, threads may changed directions sometimes diffrent from the title.

B) when you post something, motivate why you think like that.

c) if your gonna type something, do it correctly not just a "lol" or "rofl" or something thats only good for your friends.

d) Stick to the subject, if you are going to change the subject, make a new thread.



a) may contain up to two links.

B) may NOT contain pictures

c) may NOT contain advertising for goods or services

d) may NOT contain more then three lines

e) If a moderator/admin tells you to change your signature, do as they say.


i didnt translate everything, because most of it isnt needed to know to understand it. but if you didnt understand feel free to ask.

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This is so much fun! I really like this page, anime.se... and the people here are so nice! ;) is there more pages like this one? :) Thanks for the translations of the rules and the words. it really make useful here greatly! :D Thanks again!

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Majin: I think that's enough for a ban, just because you know how to insult people in english, doesn't mean you should.



Don't mind the boy, he's a one of those who have grown neck injuries trying to fellate themselves[/example]

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It would seem like Majin didn't quite get the message the first time around. Anyways, the real question here shouldn't be whethear we're all from Sweden or not, since it would be pretty safe to say that not everyone is due to the large number of foringers that've moved here. But I do think that Moon_stone would be amoung the first not being able to actually write or speak Swedish.


Also, generally most Swedes are capeable of making themselves understood in English, which often comes as a suprise to all native English speakers. However it is indeed needed to point out that far from everyone are as good as English as they think. So you shouldn't have a hard time discussing simple matters with most users here but when it comes to deeper subjects I really think most users will find it hard to fully express themselves. Then again, the frequency of really deep topics are quite rare.


Recently I recieved a mail from a non Swedish speaker who'd managed to register at my site (Zmanga which is about half the size of Anime.se). You wouldn't happen to be the very same guy (or woman for that matter).


PS I'm aware of my sometimes lacking ability to spell correctly DS

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